In general, our clients require roughly 20 one-hour sessions. A recent service evaluation carried out at Actualise found that those who had 20 sessions or more tended to maintain benefits.We recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to begin. The timing of this varies from client to client, but can be an initial intense six weeks of two sessions a week. Following this, we assess change and make a decision regarding your progress. The number of sessions needed differs from person to person, and particularly from children to adults. Traditionally, the ‘industry standard’ for traditional NFT was roughly 60/80 sessions, but with our more advanced technology and improved protocols, our clients generally require much fewer.

We have a mini-review of data around sessions 5 and 6, where we will take baseline readings and re-analyse the data to make updates and any necessary changes to your protocol. A more detailed review will take place at the 12th session to discuss progress and where to go from there. All reviews are carried out with your key worker, and all data will have been reviewed by Dr. Keane.

It is important to note, we do not want clients to view their 12th session as ‘the last one’. Different conditions require different numbers of sessions. For instance, an adult with depression or anxiety will generally require more sessions (20 and over) compared to a child with ADHD.

People go to 15/20/25 sessions, so recommendations are made on a case by case basis with reviews at regular intervals to guide your training sessions. We will never recommend unnecessary sessions and it is up to you if you wish to take our recommendation on board.

Neurofeedback Training is learning a new skill. It is impossible to predict how many sessions an individual may require to not only make changes to brain function, but to consolidate these changes.