Dr. Keane discusses outcomes with a client
Dr. Keane discusses outcomes with a client

We deal with a range of clients, with both clinical cases (e.g. ADHD, anxiety, depression) and Peak Performance enhancement (e.g. with professional sports people) forming the bulk of our work.

Therefore, we have divided our testimonials into two pages:

Actualise in South Africa

Dr. Keane initiated a much-needed BCIA Neurofeedback Mentorship group in Johannesburg. He was able to assist the group with a greater understanding of the technical/monitoring process of the EEG and advised us on a number of key issues. All members of our group thoroughly appreciated his involvement and teaching and thank him for sharing his knowledge of EEG to assist us in creating a more efficient neurofeedback practice.

Donna Moser MSW, BCIA-EEG, Thought Waves, Johannesburg, South Africa