Some people report feeling some positive effects as early as 3 or 4 sessions in, but for most people it tends to take longer (again it varies based on goals, your own input, age etc.) The early positive effects tend to be subtle and short-lived, and it is with continued reinforcement and training that these benefits become more noticeable and stable.

We have had clients reporting initial changes happening around sessions 5, 8, and even 12. We can monitor changes in the brain throughout, and with our support the client can take responsibility of translating these changes into results in their everyday life. If you are worried that ‘nothing’s happening’ please discuss this at your sessions. It is important to have realistic expectations of the rate as well as the degree of change you may see, and we will be happy to discuss this on a case by case basis. You may notice changes you were not expecting, and you can read more about this in our ‘Side Effects’ section.

As said, benefits tend to be subtle at first, and for this reason keeping a daily diary throughout your time with us and in the weeks after is recommended. A small amount of self-reflection each day in relation to your goals for training will help you to see where you can challenge yourself, and see the changes in everyday situations that may otherwise go unnoticed due to their subtlety.