Pádraig Walsh (BA, MA) is a Behaviour Specialist working with Actualise. He has a wealth of experience working with families, organisations and schools using Positive Behaviour Supports and Functional Assessment to help people identify the factors that are contributing to challenging situations and identify the messages behind behaviour. Pádraig’s work also focuses on supporting families and individuals to develop sustainable intervention to augment Neurofeedback Training.

Pádraig qualified with a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis after completing his degree in Psychology (both at NUI Galway). He has worked as a Behaviour Specialist for organisations across Ireland as well as working for 2 years in Melbourne, Australia as a consultant to an early intervention clinic for children whose behaviour presents as a concern. Pádraig has presented extensively at conferences on the effectiveness of Positive Behaviour Support in Ireland, Australia, Singapore and the UK

Pádraig also lectures on the BA in Psychology at NUI Galway, the Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis at NUI Galway and on the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at University of Limerick. Pádraig developed the modules, materials and continuous assessment requirements for these courses for the past 4 years. He has also been part of the clinical expert interview panel for potential ABA Masters students at NUI Galway since 2012.

  • Registered as a Further Education Teacher with the Teaching Council
  • Member of the UK Society of Behaviour Analysis
  • Graduate Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland
  • Member of the Division of Behaviour Analysis with PSI
  • Founder of All About Dis’ podcast series and online resource.
  • Consultant Behaviour Analyst to Tippy Talk. http://www.tippy-talk.com/



Publications and Presentations-



  • Making It Happen Conference- Callan Institute 2016. Building a Positive Behaviour Support Culture.
  • Psychological Society of Ireland- Division of Behaviour Analysis Conference 2014. Using Positive Behaviour Support as a Restraint Reduction Tool.
  • British Institute of Learning Disabilities: PBS Conference 2012. Applying the Least Restrictive Alternative. (O’Regan, Smyth, Walsh, 2012).
  • Psychological Society of Ireland- Division of Behaviour Analysis Conference 2011. Considering Intervention Choices: The Need for Peer Review and Rights Restrictions Committees in the use of Restrictive Interventions.
  • IASSID Annual Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore: June 2009. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Positive Behaviour Supports. (Poster Presentation)
  • Annual Conference in Positive Behaviour Supports: October 2008: An Audit of the Outcomes of Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Annual Conference in Positive Behaviour Supports: October 2008: The Great Outdoors: Helping a man with Autism to find his Perfect Space. (A video presentation on the impact of PBS on the life of a man with autism living in an institutional setting)
  • ASSID Disability Support Workers Conference, University of Melbourne: 18 & 19 November 2009. Behaviourist or Bonder: The Role of Relationship in Positive Behaviour Support.


Behaviour Supports and Restrictive Practices: A Victorian Perspective. An article outlining the differences in service provision to adults and children with challenging behaviour in Ireland and Victoria, Australia.