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Katie Byrne on Neurofeedback with Dr Michael Keane at the Healthy Living Centre in DCU.

“We’ve got some overactivity here,” says neuroscientist Dr Michael Keane as he points to a conspicuous red area. “And a little bit of tension at the left jaw muscle… how’s your sense of direction?”
The brain fascinates and frightens me in equal parts. The inquisitive side of me wants to see inside all the nooks and crannies of the master organ. The apprehensive side of me is worried that Dr Keane is about to discover a ticking time bomb. “And you’re absolutely sure that’s not a tumour?” I ask him for the second time…
I’ve come to the Actualise Neurofeedback Clinic, which is positioned in the Healthy Living Centre in Dublin City University, to trial their ‘brain training’ technologyelectroencephalogram . A device called an (EEG) measures and records brain activity and neurofeedback equipment is used to help the brain learn how to work in a more efficient and effective way. Read more.