What to expect from your report

Once we have completed the analysis of your brain function, we begin the process of creating a training plan for you. Sometimes, another Health Care Professional will ask for information on your intervention with us. If so, all of our findings and recommendations can be compiled into a report, which will be sent to you on request for an additional fee. While the report is a lengthy, detailed and technical document, we will include information to allow you to interpret the data. If you would like to see an example of some of the data we generate you can read more about the 2D maps and 3D maps.

Image of a report cover page

If NFT is recommended for you, you will find that out on the day of your consultation. We will allow some time after this so that, by the time we call you, you and your family will have reached a decision whether to begin training or not. Remember, we will never recommend NFT if we feel it is not appropriate.

To read more about these maps, see 2D maps and 3D maps.

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