We have compiled a number of links you may find useful if you would like to read more about Neurofeedback Training, how services are regulated, and how the brain works.

parents plus

Parents Plus Programmes are practical and positive, evidence-based parenting courses available all over Ireland.


incredible years

The Incredible Years programmes for parents, teachers and children reduce challenging behaviours in children and increase their social emotional learning and self-control skills.




The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe supports education, training and research activities in biofeedback. (www.bfe.org)



The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research is an organisation comprised of people from many countries and various professional disciplines doing neurotherapy, neurofeedback training and research. (www.isnr.org)


eeg info

A collection of published and unpublished articles about Neurofeedback and ADHD. (www.eeginfo.com)


eeg ed and res

EEG Education and Research: See a list of the potential therapeutic applications of NFT, and the evidence base for each of them. Potential applications are listed, divided according to the currently available research and/or clinical data. (www.eegspectrum.com)


adhd europe


ADHD Europe is an association who work to advance the rights of, and advocate on every level throughout Europe for, people affected by AD/HD and co-morbid conditions in order to help them reach their full potential. (www.adhdeurope.eu)



The Irish National Council of AD/HD Support Groups is an umbrella organisation for AD/HD support groups across Ireland. (www.incadds.ie)



The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance is the only certification body for individuals who meet education and training standards in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. (www.bcia.org). Please note: Dr. Michael Keane of Actualise is the Republic of Ireland’s only certified Neurofeedback Training provider.



There are some useful instructional and information videos available on YouTube (www.youtube.com).


cort functions

A ‘Cortical Functions’ reference: a comprehensive guide to functions associated with brain areas that we train during Neurofeedback Training: http://www.trans-cranial.com/local/manuals/cortical_functions_ref_v1_0_pdf.pdf