Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation costs €350, €50 of which you pay when booking it as a deposit. This includes

  1. An EEG measurement of brain function;
  2. An assessment interview with a Clinical Psychologist, and
  3. A consultation with Dr. Michael Keane, who will be able to talk you through the assessment findings immediately after your assessment.

If you wish, you can be provided with your QEEG maps on the day. If requested, a detailed report of what we find in the data with reference to the information from the EEG assessment can be drawn up. This report costs an additional €100. There is no obligation to begin training following the consultation if you choose not to.

Neurofeedback Training Sessions

Sessions cost €120 each. The number of sessions a client requires varies, and you can read more in relation to this here. As well, you will meet with our Clinical Psychologist twice during your program, to make sure your progress is optimal and to help identify other supports or services that might be useful to you. These normally occur around session 12 (although it varies) and after your program has finished. These meetings are for 30 minutes, and cost €60 each.

Please note: pricing plan for all clients starting from the 8th of August 2016.

Price structure for sessions held in the Actualise Clinic

Consultation: €350

Neurofeedback sessions: €120 (1 hour each)

Consults with Clinical Psychologist x 2: €60 each (30 minutes)

Price structure for sessions held outside the Actualise Clinic

Please note: These prices are in relation to our temporary clinics, and not as home visits.


Consultation Sessions
€400 €140 each

‘Top-Up’ Sessions

If clients would like to return to the clinic for more sessions after they have finished their programme the following fees apply:

Top Up Package
qEEG re-assessment and updated protocol €50
Sessions €120