It is important that Neurofeedback Training is made a priority as you engage in the programme with us. We expect clients to invest themselves fully in order to yield the greatest results from their time with us.
We understand the difficulty people face in taking appointments that will interfere with school or work. Although we have extended our services through evenings and weekends we simply cannot facilitate everyone outside of regular business hours.

To try and facilitate everyone equally, our policy is to offer later appointments to those outside of Dublin and the greater Dublin area. If clients are to miss school/work, those within this catchment area will have less travel time and thus will be less affected than those who have further to travel. Please bear in mind we have clients who come from Donegal, Sligo, Antrim, Wexford, Cork, Kerry and even the UK.

From speaking with past clients in relation to this issue when evening and weekend services were not available, the feedback we have received has been consistent. When investing in the Neurofeedback Training programme for its duration and making it a priority as you would a hospital or dentist appointment, the long term benefits outweigh the short term costs. We are happy to provide letters detailing an explanation for clients’ absence from respective commitments upon request.