Recent Media Coverage

The Irish Times and the Irish Examiner looks at the work we do in the clinic, specifically looking at ADHD. Also, a little sneak preview into some of the research hypothesis we’ve developed! A very interesting read for anyone interested in a non-medicated intervention that works.

Actualise at the Dáil

Such an honour to get the chance to present in the Houses of the Oireachtas to our national representatives about what Neurofeedback Training is and the work we do here at Actualise. A special thank you to Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice for making it possible. We were met with a lot of interest, and the future looks bright with all the help offered to us for moving forward.

The Dáil 2

NFT and Chronic Migraine Study

young-woman-with-migraine-headacheWe are delighted to have received full ethical approval from the Health Research Authority at NRES Committee East of England – Cambridgeshire and Hertford Shire, for a pilot study on the efficacy of Neurofeedback Training in chronic migraine. This pilot will be carried out in conjunction with the Neurology Department at the Craigavon Area Hospital, Portadown.
We are delighted to work with the team there, particularly Consultant Neurologist, Dr. Raeburn Forbes and are grateful to them for their work to date with us on this application. We would also like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the Migraine Association of Ireland for funding this project.

Mind over matter… training the brain to function better

Irish Independent

Katie Byrne on Neurofeedback with Dr Michael Keane at the Healthy Living Centre in DCU.

“We’ve got some overactivity here,” says neuroscientist Dr Michael Keane as he points to a conspicuous red area. “And a little bit of tension at the left jaw muscle… how’s your sense of direction?”
The brain fascinates and frightens me in equal parts. The inquisitive side of me wants to see inside all the nooks and crannies of the master organ. The apprehensive side of me is worried that Dr Keane is about to discover a ticking time bomb. “And you’re absolutely sure that’s not a tumour?” I ask him for the second time…
I’ve come to the Actualise Neurofeedback Clinic, which is positioned in the Healthy Living Centre in Dublin City University, to trial their ‘brain training’ technologyelectroencephalogram . A device called an (EEG) measures and records brain activity and neurofeedback equipment is used to help the brain learn how to work in a more efficient and effective way. Read more.