What to expect at your first session

Based on the recommendations made to you at your consultation, and when you are satisfied you have all the information you require, you may decide to begin Neurofeedback Training. Following consultations, we ask all prospective clients to take at least three days to digest all the information from the consultation before making a decision. a member of our team will call you during the week after your consultation.

At sessions 1 and 2, there are a number of resources you will be given, including diaries to keep a regular account of your changing symptoms. You will also put the EEG cap on again (as you will do at every session) and we will begin the process of explaining how you will engage with the training. On the first day we will take it slowly, taking breaks to ensure all questions are answered and that the process is understood. It is essential to Neurofeedback Training that you engage fully with the process.

It is not a passive experience and you are required to work hard during your sessions.

This will be discussed more in our ‘What we expect from you’ section.

We tailor our explanations for younger clients and similarly encourage questions to be asked. We strongly encourage an open dialogue with younger clients about what Neurofeedback Training is, why they are doing it and how they must engage with the process. We will work with parents and guardians to ensure younger clients fully understand and get the most out of their time with us. Please see our ‘What we expect from you’ section for links to resources to help in this process.

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