To provide further detail on brain function, we utilise an important tool in Neuroscience called LORETA (this stands for Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography). This gives us a clearer picture of what is happening not only at the surface or cortex, but in sub-cortical areas as well, using 3-D rendering. In this client, for example, we can see sub-optimal function in the frontal cortex:

The 3-D images allow us to see sub-optimal function in this client’s frontal cortex. We can then link this to poor executive function, including ADHD symptoms.

A 3-D model of this functioning allows even more precise localisation of the dysfunctional area at the front of the brain:

A 3-D model of brain function, showing the same areas of areas of deviance as above. These models allow precise localisation of problem areas in the brain.

With this information, we can begin to build a very precise picture of what your brain is doing, and how we might help it to function more efficiently. Remember, if your brain works better, you work better.